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Safe Haven Circle Membership Society

The Safe Haven Circle:  A Community Approach to Ending Family Violence

Every year local individuals and businesses choose to speak out against domestic violence by becoming members of the Safe Haven Circle at Raphael House of Portland. Their support makes a critical difference in the lives of thousands of families experiencing violence.

Some of Our Recent Successes:

  • We opened our Comprehensive Advocacy Center, a new 5,000 square foot space within the shelter building! This center allows us to continue serving families after they’ve moved out of the shelter, dramatically expanding our capacity to help them navigate complex systems and build safe lives.
  • We increased the number of safe nights spent in the shelter to a total of 10,015.
  • We provided 10% of the total bed space for survivors of family violence in all of Oregon.
  • We answered more than 5,000 crisis phone calls.

Please consider joining the Safe Haven Circle and supporting our work to end violence today.

I now look at my life differently and I have become a more positive person and a kinder, gentler, more attentive and understanding mother because of [Raphael House].
- Former emergency shelter participant

To join, click here and make a gift or pledge of $1,000 or more.  For more details, contact us at 503.222.6507.

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