Community-based prevention

building a safer future

Our Prevention Education team also facilitates trainings for health care providers, parent groups, community organizations, HR professionals, and business owners. These presentations address the ways that coworkers, supervisors, and employees who interact with the public can recognize signs of domestic and dating violence and respond effectively. We hope that by raising awareness and providing tools and resources, we can promote safety for everyone in the community and create lasting change. 

Our curriculum and programming are flexible, with customized presentations available. Please contact Julia Tycer, Prevention Education Coordinator, at (503) 243-5123 for more information.

Thanks to our partners for their commitment to supporting survivors and preventing violence!

Recent trainees include:

• Linfield College nursing students
• Legacy Emanuel ER nurses
• the Swaim Strategies team
• Portland Community College
• GirlStrength and WomenStrength staff and volunteers
• Alliant Systems staff

1 Portland and the hospitality industry

In 2017 we expanded our domestic and sexual violence prevention efforts within the hospitality industry through a partnership with Portland. We are now providing training for this small but growing network of local bar and restaurant staff, to help them identify and address gendered violence.  

Workshops geared specifically toward this industry focus on creating a safe and inclusive environment for patrons and staff, and also teach about responding to potential issues. Through long-term collaboration with these businesses and their teams, we’re excited to have an even greater impact on the community.  

Contact us to learn more or schedule a presentation for your business!


“Our team engaged Raphael House to discuss safe space and how to interrupt rape culture. Their training was full of insight and led us down a path to changing internal policies and developing best practices to make sure that all of our events are safe spaces.” – Samantha Swaim, owner Swaim Strategies

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