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For more than 40 years, Raphael House of Portland has helped domestic violence survivors and their families find safety, hope, and independence. We believe that education is a key to shifting cultural norms that perpetuate domestic and sexual violence. And we are committed to creating lasting change in our community by providing tools and resources that promote safety, inclusivity, and equity for all!

Our team of experts offer a wide variety of customizable trainings and workshops for businesses, government agencies, schools, nonprofits, and other service providers.

SAFETY: We are currently offering virtual trainings. In-person options will be made available based on local COVID-19 risk level and safety guidelines.

Contact Nick Guerrero, Community-Based Programs Manager at (503) 243-5161 to schedule your training today.

Thanks to our partners for their commitment to supporting survivors and preventing violence!

Recent trainees include:

• Linfield College nursing students
• Legacy Emanuel ER nurses
• the Swaim Strategies team
• Portland Community College
• GirlStrength and WomenStrength staff and volunteers
• Alliant Systems staff

Business, corporate, and government

Available trainings:

• Identifying, responding to, and preventing sexual harassment
• Building a workplace culture that promotes equity, safety, and inclusion
• Professional relationships, healthy boundaries, communication, and consent in the workplace
• Identifying and responding to domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking

Our staff can also help to assess your current workplace structure, relationships, and offer customized training, tools, and assistance.

Rate: $200 per hour. Hourly fee applies to training preparation, facilitation time, and number of staff needed for workshop(s)



Available trainings:

• What is teen dating violence?: Abuse types, tactics, and dynamics
• Identifying and developing safe, equitable relationships
• Consent 101 (introduction to practicing) and 102 (overcoming barriers)
• Sexual assault dynamics 101
• Sex trafficking 101: Understanding exploitation and objectification
• How to support survivors: Tools, resources, and best practices
• Victim blaming and survivor barriers to leaving
• Student rights, resources, and accountability on campus
• Ability-inclusive curriculum series focused on consent, boundaries, safe relationships, and resources for parents and caregivers

Public school rate: free.
Colleges and private schools rate: $100 per hour. Discount for 10+ presentations.


Adult staff working in schools

Available trainings:

• Understanding, identifying, and responding to teen dating violence
• Trauma-informed student support: Tools and resources for school staff
• Mandatory reporting, confidentiality, and working with students disclosing harm or trauma
• Sex trafficking 101 (in-depth options and series also available)

Public school rate: free.
Colleges and private schools rate: $100 per hour. Discount for 10+ presentations.


Community partners and service providers

Available trainings:

• Domestic violence 101: History, root causes, and introduction
• Domestic violence 102: Understanding types, tactics, and dynamics of abuse
• A Survivor’s Journey: An experiential learning activity. Based on the experiences of real survivors, participants walk through scenarios that someone in an abusive relationship might navigate.
• Understanding power and oppression (series available)
• Sex trafficking 101 for community service providers
• Effects of domestic violence and trauma on youth
• Understanding reproductive coercion
• Intersections between domestic violence and addiction services
• Toxic masculinity: Unpacking the impacts of socially constructed gender roles
• Understanding vicarious trauma and the importance of self-care
• Technological literacy for advocates and human service professionals

Rate: Nick Guerrero, Community-Based Programs Manager at (503) 243-5161 to discuss.


“Our team engaged Raphael House to discuss safe space and how to interrupt rape culture. Their training was full of insight and led us down a path to changing internal policies and developing best practices to make sure that all of our events are safe spaces.” – Samantha Swaim, owner Swaim Strategies

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