Every day, we are working to end abuse

Our Prevention Education program is unique in its comprehensive approach; we educate students, parents, teachers, and administrators about practicing equitable relationships. We help our partners build a school-wide culture of consent and implement policies that create safer schools. Together we’re creating a future without violence.

We also provide confidential, one-on-one student advocacy within Portland Public Schools – on high school campuses and via a hotline – so young people can get support with dating and sexual violence, trafficking, and relationship questions.

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Did you know 89% of students in our workshops reported increased knowledge of boundaries?

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“Until we brought Raphael House of Portland into our classes, we asked ‘what do we do to avoid rape?’ We can carry our…keys between our fingers or take self-defense classes.

But Raphael House asked, ‘why are we perpetrating these crimes to begin with?’

Reframing it, it doesn’t fall on the victim. And that just flipped the conversations happening in my class, and I believe that’s what helped change the culture, as well as the teaching surrounding this topic.”

Gaye Chapman, Health Teacher at Cleveland High School, 14-year partner of our Prevention Education program

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1 in 3 teens

will experience some form of abuse


students and adults participated in our Prevention Education workshops last year

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