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Costs and staffing requirements may vary. Please contact us to discuss your budget!
Public schools: Free.
Colleges and private schools: $100 per hour. Discount for 10+ presentations.
Businesses and government: $200 per hour. Hourly fee applies to training preparation, facilitation time, and number of staff needed for workshop(s).
Non-profits and community partners: Contact us to discuss rates.

We are currently offering virtual trainings. In-person options will be available based on local COVID-19 risk level and safety guidelines.

Julia Tycer, Prevention Education Program Manager, at (503) 222-6507 x123 or

 “Our team engaged Raphael House to discuss safe space and how to interrupt rape culture. Their training was full of insight and led us down a path to changing internal policies and developing best practices to ensure that all of our events are safe spaces.”
– Samantha Swaim, owner of Swaim Strategies

Available Trainings

Business, Corporate, and Government

• Responding to and preventing sexual harassment
• Building an equitable, safe, and inclusive workplace culture
• Relationships, boundaries, communication, and consent in the workplace
• Identifying and responding to domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking

Our staff can also help assess your workplace and offer customized training, tools, and assistance.

Students and School Communities

• Teen dating violence: Abuse types, tactics, and dynamics
• Identifying and developing safe, equitable relationships
Consent 101: Introduction to practicing consent
• Consent 102: Overcoming barriers
• Sexual assault dynamics 101
• Sex trafficking 101: Exploitation and objectification
• How to support survivors: Resources and best practices
• V
ictim blaming and survivor barriers to leaving
• Ability-inclusive curriculum series focused on consent, boundaries, safe relationships, and resources for parents and caregivers

Adult staff working in schools

• Understanding and responding to teen dating violence
• Trauma-informed student support: Tools for staff
• Mandatory reporting, confidentiality, and working with students disclosing harm or trauma
Student rights, resources, and accountability
• Sex trafficking 101 (in-depth series also available)

Community Partners and Service Providers

• Domestic violence 101: History and root causes
• Domestic violence 102: Types, tactics, and dynamics
• A Survivor’s Journey: An experiential learning activity. Based on the real life experiences of domestic violence survivors, participants walk through scenarios and navigate barriers and resources.
• Domestic violence 101 for mental health professionals
• Understanding power and oppression (series available)
• Sex trafficking 101 Effects of domestic violence and trauma on youth
• Reproductive coercion
• Intersections between domestic violence and addiction services
• Toxic masculinity: Unpacking socially constructed gender roles
• Vicarious trauma and self-care
• Technological literacy for advocates and human service professionals


“Without these programs and support, these families would likely enter the homeless system or be forced to return to their abusers. Every family deserves a new beginning, and we do all we can to support families in locating safe housing and rebuilding their lives.”

  – Linda Green, former Shelter to Stability Housing Coordinator

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