Survivor Stories

It takes great courage and strength to ask for help. Hear from the incredible individuals and families we so proudly serve, and learn from their stories of survival.

Please note that many stories contain descriptions of physical, emotional, and sexual violence, which may be triggering to survivors and upsetting to read. Names and any identifying details have been changed to protect safety and confidentiality.


Martina’s story shows how a variety of Raphael House programs help survivors in all stages.

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David had nowhere else to hide.

David and his daughter came to our shelter after fleeing a dangerous abuser who had nearly killed a previous spouse. He was actively seeking them, contacting their family and friends, and even showing up at their homes. David had to do intensive safety planning with our team any time he left the shelter, and often disguised his appearance when away from our building.

After learning David had filed for divorce and was pressing charges, his abuser’s violent threats escalated and he was seen not far from our building. Knowing the risk of harm to this family was drastically increased, we worked with David and his daughter to relocate out-of-state where they’ve begun rebuilding their lives.


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