Survivor Stories

It takes great courage and strength to ask for help. Hear from the incredible individuals and families we so proudly serve, and learn from their stories of survival.

Please note that many stories contain descriptions of physical, emotional, and sexual violence, which may be triggering to survivors and upsetting to read. Names and any identifying details have been changed to protect safety and confidentiality.


Martina’s story shows how a variety of Raphael House programs help survivors in all stages.

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“You all held my hope when I lost it, believed in me when I didn’t.”

Trinity left her abusive ex-boyfriend, but his stalking continued long after they broke up. She got a restraining order and tried staying with friends, but her ex kept finding her. One day he showed up where she worked, threatened her, and nearly got Trinity fired. Another time he left a frightening note on her car.

Trinity called Raphael House as a last resort, truly believing that her ex would one day end her life. In our confidential shelter, she found the safety and security that she needed, and the round-the-clock support and reassurance she deserved.

After months of living in fear, Trinity started sleeping through the night. She worked with our staff to find safe housing and create a safety plan for returning to work. She attended weekly support groups in our Advocacy Center, and found community and friendship among fellow survivors. Each step of the way our team was there to help and, as Trinity said, to hold her hope when she lost it.

“I am so thankful to have had a safe place to do some work on me and to build up for the next chapter in my life. You all held my hope when I lost it, believed in me when I didn’t, gave me that extra push, and never gave up on me when I tried to.”

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